Hog hunt with firearms, bows or dogs at Hawg Wild Ranch

Wild boar hunting with firearms

A hog hunter can use any caliber rifle, any caliber black powder musket, or a shotgun with rifled slugs. Additionally, you can use any caliber handgun from a 22 to a S &W 500. Scopes are discouraged due to the dogs and hog moving all over the place. We suggest you bring a soft cover case for your firearm. Hawg Wild Ranch can provide weapons.

Hunting wild hogs with a bow

We recommend when hunting wild hogs with a bow and arrow you use either a long bow, compound bow, re curved bow or crossbow. Your bow must have a minimum draw weight of 35 pounds. Bow hunt wild boar from our swamp buggy. The height of a swamp buggy and it's ability to navigation the thick undergrowth give you a better chance at a clean shot with your bow and arrow.

Hunting hogs with dogs

Hunting hogs with hog dogs is probably the most exciting way to hunt wild boar in Florida. You can follow the dogs or let our guide find a high stand for you. Just hearing the squealing of the hogs and the baying of the dogs will get your adrenalin pumping.